Friday, June 26, 2015

Bibliophile's Wish List: Julie Kagawa Edition

Here you'll find things that I wish I had in my hot little hands like...yesterday.  It may take me a year to get to them (*cough*or two *cough*) but eventually I will read them.  However, as the image above states...books are happiness...they are really...definitely happiness.  I want more, and chances are I will have to start dedicating my birthday and Christmas Amazon gift cards to particular authors so I can get all the books on my wish list (though I'm not sure -that- is a good idea either...but hey, whatever works right?)


On to my wish list...though the proper question is where to start, because I've read some of these books, but I do not own them...thus, they are still on the wish list!

I own the first three in this series.  I own a couple of the novellas in between as well.  However, I do not have book four to call my own.  That needs to change.  Seriously.  I love this series and I love Julie Kagawa's writing style.  This I think was one of my favorite books in the series - and it was filled with ALL THE FEELS!

The 2nd Book in The Iron Fey: The Call of the Forgotten.  I have book one, and I need to know what happens! Seriously.  I mean, with as addicted as I am with this storyline starting from the Iron Fey series...then I should have this book, RIGHT?

The 3rd book in The Iron Fey: The Call of the Forgotten.  The reason why I want this book....see above! Third book.  Third.  Book.  MUST HAVE!  Have to know what happens!

This is the 3rd book in the Blood of Eden series, and I've read the first, I own the 2nd (and still need to read it).  However, I have the urge to read the entire series from the beginning, and that means that I need this book in my hot little hands! Seriously! There are so many things I need to know about this series and I can only find them out if I have the third book!

New series.  Seriously.  NEW! Book 1 in the Talon series.  I've not been steered wrong with any of her books so far, and I'm fairly certain that I will absolutely be addicted to this series...once I get it in my hands!

LOOK AT IT! Isn't it so pretty and blue? 2 in the Talon series...why must I have it? BOOK 2! If I have book 1 I need book 2...obviously!  Come on, get with the program people!

What are some of the things on your wishlist?

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