Book Photo Challenge

Trying something new around here, and playing a bit with my photography as well!  Stretching my imagination.  These book challenges will come from someone I follow on tumblr, and you can find the book challenges here: Just One Word: Book Photo Challenge


July 1st: Used
July 2nd: Child
July 3rd: Heartbreaking

July 4th: Shelfie
July 5th: Signed
July 6th: Dystopian
July 7th: Library
July 8th: Imagination
July 9th: Feels
July 10th: Terrible
July 11th: Pain
July 12th: POV
July 13: Mythical
July 14: Meaningful

July 15th: Fat
July 16th: Relatable
July 17th: Beach
July 18th: Author
July 19th: eReader
July 20th: "W"
July 21st: Popular
July 22nd: Fast
July 23rd: Seductive
July 24th: Independent

July 25th: Borrowed
July 26th: Non-human
July 27th: Colorful
July 28th: Set
July 29th: Re-read
July 30th: Overrated
July 31st: Freebie

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