Review Guidelines

Review Guidelines

Acceptance & Denial of Reviews
  1. I will accept any genre (I'm brave and will read anything once).  
  2. My favorite genres are: YA (anything!), Erotica, Horror.
  3. I will read poetry (any genre). 
  4. I reserve the right to deny any request for reviews.
  5. I will attempt to get your review done on a deadline (3-3.5 week turn around). Unless a specific time/date has been set for the review (such as an ARC copy, etc). 
  6. I will accept either e-book or physical copies for review.  Preferred e-book format is kindle (.mobi) format. 
  7. Negative reviews (anything 2 or lower stars), and you will be contacted by me before the review goes live on the blog.  The review will still be published by me, and any unprofessional behavior on behalf of the author will find themselves quickly blacklisted.  
  8. Trigger warnings - such things are required in your request for a review.  Common subjects that are triggering for me include: sexual assault, domestic violence and suicide.  Your story having these things in it will not immediately mean your story will be denied, I just need to prepare mentally to deal with the situations presented in your story.

My Review Policy

  1. I will gladly beta read, request a copy of your publication or solicit through a service such as netgalley for a copy of a publication that interests me.
  2. My personal guideline for such reviews is to have them up within 1 month (4 calendar weeks) of receiving the publication (unless other guidelines are stated by Author or publishing company).
  3. Reviews will be given honestly, positive or negative feedback will be given in the reviews.  I will plainly state what I like and what I do not like concerning your publication.
  4. Once I have given your publication a rating, I will not remove the rating.  The rating over time, subject to my personal discretion may change either in a positive or negative direction.  I will not, on any site that I post my review remove the RATING for a publication.  I will, in extreme circumstances, remove a review, but under no circumstances will the rating be removed.
  5. I will be honest, even brutally so if I find something I do not like in your publication.  This is not meant as a slight to you as a writer or to your publication. It is me simply doing as you asked me to do, and giving you an honest, unbiased review of your written work.
  6. If you have an issue with a negative review (mind I do not give them out often, but they have been known to occur) then perhaps I am not the person you'd want reading your book, and in that case it is your loss not mine.
  7. I will not now, or ever remove a review.  Positive or negative the review will remain publicly posted.  The rating will not be changed. 

My Rating System

  • FIVE (5) STARS: This book is fantastic. Wonderful.  I will sing its praises for anyone who asks for it.  I will recommend it to any and everyone I can to share the wonderful things within this book.  In my opinion, you need to read this book.  Even your dead grandmother and your goldfish need to read this book it is THAT GOOD!
  • FOUR (4) STARS: This book is good.  Not going to make it in my top ten books of all time, but pretty damned close.  I will make a more specialized recommendation, knowing that certain people will enjoy this book rather than the broad blanket recommendation as given to a five (5) star rated book.
  • THREE (3) STARS: It is alright. Not within my top twenty books, but at least within the top fifty books.  There were a few things that I didn't like about the book, but the things that I did like outweighed those that I didn't.  Recommendations would be a bit more specialized than a four (4) star book, and may even be recommended to a person on an individual basis.
  • TWO (2) STARS: It was just okay.  My reaction to this book was not overly spectacular, lukewarm even.  There were things that I did not like about the book and they tended to overshadow some of the things that I did like about this book.  The recommendations at this level will probably be more on an individual case by case basis, or have a specific category of readers highlighted if any recommendation at all is made.
  • ONE (1) STAR: If given, I could not finish, or dragged my way kicking and screaming through your publication and most like would rather have watched a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras than read your book again.  There was little that I liked about your book and would more than likely not recommend it to anyone.  I do not give out ratings this low often, but I will not hesitate to give them if I need to.

If you as an author have any comments, questions, concerns or wish to have me read and review your publications you can contact me:

E-mail:  Bibliophile aka Martha D
Other forms of contact can be given if needed.

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