Wednesday, June 10, 2015

What's On My Kindle? #TeamLexy Edition

This week's feature is dedicated to the fabulous Christa Charter and her Lexy Cooper Mystery series.  Why, you ask? Because the series and the author herself is AWESOME!

This song, pretty much describes Christa and her series.  To know that she is currently kicking cancer's ass makes her even more awesome! You can read about her battle with cancer and various other things on her blog which can be found here: Trixieland

1.) Schooled

In this story we meet Lexy who works as the community manager for Xenon game company.  When a young woman's body is found on the Xenon campus, Lexy's uncle calls her to identify the body.  This is only the beginning for the whirlwind that surrounds Lexy.  She's hot, and honestly I have a crush on her (as much as I have a crush on her uncle Mike....and her on again/off again boyfriend).

This novel gives an eye-opening insight into the gaming world, and is by far my favorite in the series. 

2.) Pwned

As if the first book wasn't action packed enough - or filled with indulgences into Lexy's sex life and sometimes questionable decisions - this one is even more so.  Declan Brown has been found dead and it is up to Mike and Lexy to find out who it was that put the knife in his chest.  His brother? His favorite stripper? His business rival & Lexy's ex-boyfriend? This time we go behind the curtain of the video game industry and enter the dangerous territory of big money, high tech and murder.

3.) Griefed

Haters are gonna hate.  Isn't that what the Taylor Swift song says? Lexy adopts this motto after a hacker friend of hers sends her the link to  This site is dedicated to all sorts of unflattering pictures, videos, stories and other things related to Lexy Cooper, community manager for Xenon.  However, pictures soon begin surfacing on the site from INSIDE the Xenon compound.  Mike is keeping an eye on Lexy, while also investigating a murder.  This story tracks Lexy Cooper and Mike Malick from Redmond, Washington to Roswell, New Mexico and is honestly filled with non-stop action and intrigue.  Absolutely love this book, even though....wait, that's spoilers. You'll just have to read to find out.

There is also a novella, that falls between books 1 and 2, that I have on my Kindle, and the newest book in the Lexy Cooper series is Glitched, however I don't own that one yet....however I will have it in my hot little hands soon enough! 

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