Wednesday, June 17, 2015

What's On My Kindle: Unsorted Part 2

This week's What's on My Kindle? is venturing back into my unsorted categories (yes, since the last one this particular sorting location has multiplied...I blame my one-click addiction with freebies, and various gift cards for birthdays, Christmas, etc.)

I've been working hard in the last month and a half to break into some of these novels, short stories, erotic moments in the unsorted categories on my kindle, and ultimately get them sorted into categories (even if it is the challenge category for this year or any subsequent year).  For now, I will be showcasing a few more books from that category.  Enjoy!

1.) The Gingerbread Man - Maggie Shayne

When did I actually get this book...umm..*flees to check amazon purchase log...* August 15, 2013...Yup, it's been sitting on my kindle nearly 2 years...and have I read it? NOPE!  Never even cracked it open.  Will I?  Quite possibly in the near or not so near future, but it will get read at some point...just like everything else on my Kindle.

This is a mystery/thriller novel, that focuses around Detective Vincent O'Mally.  When he finds two missing children dead, the FBI has taken over the case and O'Mally takes time off going to upstate New York.  While he's there he meets a woman whose sister had been abducted and murdered.  O'Mally believes that death of Holly Newman's sister is tied to the two missing children that had been found and begins attempting to gain information from Holly.
2.) Quantum Shaman: Diary of a Nagual Woman by Della Van Hise

Another one that I'd purchased 2 years ago (though I think it might have fallen into a spree of one-click freebie purchases, I don't entirely remember!).  Purchase date is the same as The Gingerbread Man, and I'm not entirely sure what drew me to this title, other than the fact that it was free.  Though, now that I read over the blurb again, I originally had thought it interesting and perhaps it will be when I get around to reading it.

Diary of a Nagual Woman is the compelling story of one woman’s journey on the path with heart. A personal and chilling confrontation with the very nature of life and death, which brings the reader face to face with the shaman’s double: the immortal & mysterious Other who takes on a life of his own, & manifests the key to unlocking our own evolution of consciousness. 

3,) Choking on a Camel by Michal Anne McArthur

This one has officially been on my kindle for 2 years, and I've not cracked it open, or even considered cracking it open though the title does amuse me.  I am usually not a fan of Christian fiction/religious fiction in general, so what made me actually one-click this book I'm not entirely sure - though I think it may have been the title.

I've learned that some of the one-clicks are a hit-or-miss with the writing/story/etc.  So, I will be giving this one a try, and if I like it yay, if not then it will be time I cannot get back, but it will be another book read.

So, here is a bit of the blurb:

In the spring of 1969, Alex Ferguson’s fiancĂ© breaks their engagement. A strong Calvinist, he’s stung by Alex’s sharp questions about predestination, determinism, and the eternal damnation of non-Christians, ideas that horrify Alex.
On June 20, 1969, Alex is forced to face her questions again when her atheist brother is killed in an accident. To think of her beloved younger brother in eternal torment is more than she can handle. Who is God, that He should predestine people to damnation? Her emotions start to unravel.
She returns for her senior year to her fundamentalist university in the heart of the smoldering, still largely segregated South, her mind burning with questions. She’s always been a devout believer, but now she’s not so sure she can continue in her faith. Under intense pressure from the school, outwardly she conforms, but inwardly, she’s seething. She lives a double life to cover up how she really feels. She wrestles with a God she wants to love, maybe hates, and definitely doesn’t understand.
4.) The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld by Christine Wiltz

Purchase date: May 12, 2013...Yup, another one sitting there for over 2 years.  This is why I cannot have nice things.  This is further proof that I will never, ever, ever get to the bottom of my TBR pile.  Seriously, I have a problem.  This I know.

However, I do know what drew me to this one.  I'm a sucker for a good memoir, a good biography.  This is just that.  This is the story of Nora Wallace who arrived in New Orleans in 1916 at age fifteen and had quickly gone from streetwalker to madam, and by 1920 had her own house of prostitution.  Clientele included governors, gangsters and movie stars.  She was arrested in 1962.   Christine Wiltz used the tapes recorded by Norma Wallace before her death in 1972, and her own research to write this thrilling account of the woman's life, as well as grants us another look into the social history of New Orleans.
5.) Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

Purchase date: March 12, 2013...birthday gift card two years ago.  I am not entirely sure what else was purchased with that gift card and if I'd read the rest of the books that had been purchased...but this one apparently has been allowed to remain dormant in my unsorted category since I purchased it.  This one, I do have plans to start as soon as I am done with my current book, so it will soon be sorted!

I'd purchased this one because so many of my friends on Goodreads had provided rave reviews and had sent me countless recommendations for it.  So, once my gift card had come in for my birthday I made it one of my purchases and it got buried under everything else I'd read that year and the year after and apparently most of what I'd read this year so far. 
What books are on your TBR pile that you've not gotten to in a couple of years?

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