Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Important Update - Changes here at CoaB

Well, things have been ungodly quiet around here and for that I apologize! I've been dealing with various things that have kept me away from the virtual world.  However, that is about to change! I've got quite a bit going on and working on getting things together for a massive giveaway that I may or may not be holding around my KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED!  For announcements and things of that nature.  Gonna be a while yet.

On to the important things!

Review Guidlines/Rating System: Currently working on revamping my review policy and ratings break down.  There will be changes, some people will not like them. I am beyond the point of caring.  I need to get things sorted and will have those updated as soon as possible.

Archiving: Anything from my previous blog (the word press one) will no longer be available for viewing on this blog.  Things from my beginnings on blogger will be available here from now on.

New reviewer: I will be introducing a new reviewer, Agent Butterfly, is what she shall be called.  My roommate's daughter will be writing book reviews instead of book reports for her homeschooling and I will be reading the books as well, so yes, there will be double reviews of some books.  She however, will have her own personal space here at CoaB, where her reviews can be found. I encourage you to check her out.  Her first review will be going up by the end of the week.

Guest Posts: I'm looking for them, hungering for them!  If you want to do one, contact me and we can set things up!

Interviews: I miss doing these and I want to do more! Lots more! May even let Agent Butterfly do one if I can find an author she's read!

Alright, I think that is all I have for you at the moment.

There will be reviews coming later today!

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Post: Jason E. Maurer

For my guest post, I’ve chosen to discuss self-worth and homosexuality and how the two go hand-in-hand, mainly because that is what my new novel “Trust and Love” is all about.

The main theme of my novel is the “It Gets Better” Campaign because it is the struggle of nearly all people in the LGBT community [LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, and Transgender] to overcome their own fears, and stand up for themselves in a world that still thinks of us as being sinners.

The “It Gets Better” Campaign stems from the unfortunate suicidal deaths of several gay teenagers, who were bullied in school by youngsters like themselves who do not understand that we are just as human as everyone else. My heart has broken so many times over the past few years to hear of another loss of someone who gave up the fight.

I look back on my own high school turmoil, and am thankful that none of my suicide attempts succeeded.

I had few friends, although the ones in my close circle were treasured more than I could ever describe. Some of us are close to this day.

Being gay was not something anyone talked about, except to make fun of those unfortunate boys who showed any sign of being a “sissy”.  I grew up listening to the negativity spouted by others, and realized early on that I was not “normal”, that the things I felt for the guy who lived next door were wrong.

I wish more than anything that the “It Gets Better” Campaign had been around when I was a teenager. My life in school would have been much, much different. I might have had the courage to stand up for myself, instead of having everyone harass and make fun of me, saying I was worthless and nothing but trash.

This is why I stand so adamantly behind “It Gets Better”. I want that tormented young boy who is sitting there holding a bottle of pills to know he is not alone. I want that young girl who is holding a knife to her wrist that I understand what she’s going through. I want them to know that suicide is NOT the solution to their problems. I want them to understand that their lives WILL get better.

It took many years for me to realize that I wasn’t a freak, that the way I felt toward others of the same sex was okay, that I wasn’t some piece of trash to be so easily discarded.

If you are one of those teenagers who feel like your world is crumbling down around you because the bullies won’t leave you alone, then I have some advice. It may sound hopeless and almost like wishful thinking, especially if you are afraid of them, but things are never as hopeless as they seem. My advice is this:

1. Stand up for yourself.
2. Never back down.
3. Fight for what you believe.

If one of those bullies is attacking you and your beliefs, you have every right as a human being to protect yourself. Stand up tall, look your enemy in the eye, and defend, defend, defend.

Even if you lose the fight, remember that the pride of standing up for yourself and fighting for your beliefs is better than not doing anything at all.

I survived my high school years, and you will too.
And do you know why?
Because there are others in this world who love you for being who you are, and will stand by you no matter what.

My novel “Trust and Love” may seem more like a fairytale than real-life, but the message remains:
Do Not Give Up On Yourself, Because We Will Never Give Up On You.

By writing my novel, I hope to assist everyone in realizing that suicide is not the answer, that your life is more precious than you might think right now, and that we are here to support you no matter what.

Visit for information on how to help us win the fight.

To buy “Trust and Love”, visit

All my love to everyone and best wishes for a wonderful 2013!
Jason E. Maurer