Sunday, June 14, 2015

Book of the Week June 14-20: Tapestry

This week's book of the week is one of my personal favorites and I've it on good authority that the second book is going to be going through the editing/proofreading phase of things and will soon be in this blogger's hot little hands! Will I read it in a day like I did this one? Well, the gif below pretty much sums that up! 

The Tapestry- Paul Wigmore

I for one am a sucker for the dark, the macabre, the horror and deliciously dark and twisted.  This book hit pretty much EVERYTHING that I love about this particular genre.  It is ranked up there with some of my other favorite books: Malice by Griffin Hayes, IT by Stephen King...and a few others.  I highly encourage you to check out this book if you like dealing with the things that go bump in the night, and bad guys that are definitely the sort you have no desire to meet in a dark alley.  

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