Thursday, February 14, 2013

Moving Is An Adventure

So I am moved.

Everything is still in boxes and bags and apart and nowhere near done, but things are looking very good. Things will get done slowly but surely. We are also making a list for the maintenance Guy which will be coming by. We are going to see if he van hook up the washer and dryer for us as well. We need a few more light bulbs and such, but this house is 100 times better than where we had been.

There will be pictures when we get settled and things get hooked up and things like that.

Gonna be lazy for a bit.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Moving Sucks

So, currently I am the ONLY PERSON in my house that is awake right now, and I will continue to be the only person awake for the next several hours.  I have been awake for 24 hrs (not entirely consecutive as I took an hour nap between 1230 and 130 am.) and still have several more hours to go before I can take a nap or get even something resembling sleep. Why? Because I'm in the process of getting my house ready to move.

Yup, I'm moving, and things are absolutely freaking crazy right now.  Boxes, bags, crates, bins and various other things are littered and cluttered about my house in controlled chaos (or at least something resembling that).  I apparently did not realize just how much STUFF that I had until I had to pack it all up.  However, I've gotten rid of some stuff that is definitely NOT needed, and found something that I've been missing for a couple of years now and that was honestly the highlight of my night.

I feel complete again, whole, and now I have to continue to bust my butt and get everything situated and sorted and start probably around 530-6ish beginning to move boxes outside in preparation for loading the truck that is due to arrive at around 9am.  Once boxes are out, and things are relatively cleared for the removal of larger objects I may just be able to rest for a little bit (I can hope!).  I've a friend coming over at some point to help move, my roommate's husband's parents are coming to help us move along with a couple of other people.  Things are going to hopefully go very quickly and ultimately we can get to Lake City and get things unloaded in a reasonable, timely manner - or at least get stuff under the carport because there is a slightly higher chance of rain in Lake City than there is here.

Either way, this move is happening getting closer to being done in less than six hours.