Wednesday, June 3, 2015

What's On My Kindle? Stephen King Edition

Welcome to Episode Thirteen of "What's On My Kindle?" Today, I'm featuring the few books I have from the master of horror, making you fear the things that go bump in the night, fear the "Men in the Yellow Coats" coming to get you, and other things - Stephen King.

I am a sucker for a good horror which is why I absolutely love Griffin Hayes as well.  However, he's going to be saved for a later episode I think.  Currently I have 6 books from Stephen King on my kindle and I adore each and every one of them - however I won't read any of them close to bedtime...just no.

1. Doctor Sleep - Book 2 in the Shining Series

The Shining is by far one of my favorite Stephen King books and the return to this world simply made me absolutely thrilled.  THe combination of Danny Torrence and Abra Stone is one of my absolute favorite combinations as they fight for Abra's soul and survival against The True Knot.  It is a truly epic battle between good and evil and a great return to the world of The Shining.  It is good to see how things have gone with Danny Torrence since that horrific year spent at The Overlook hotel, which of course would still haunt him to this day.

2. Under the Dome

Everyone for the most part is familiar with this particular story, and the fact that much like most of King's stories has become a series adapted for TV (or a major motion picture, etc).  What would you do if you were faced with the fact that your town was for no apparent reason cut off from the rest of the world?  A dome sealing you off from the rest of society?

There are good guys, Dale Barbara.  There are bad guys, Big Jim Rennie.  However, something has to be done, because not only is their time beneath the dome short - it is running out.  This one is an epic page turner from start to finish (and it's a long way to the finish on this one), and personally - I like the book better than the TV series (shocking I know).

3. UR 

This was published in 2009, and was honestly the first book that was ever bought for the Kindles in my house (I've one, my roommate has one, and her husband has one).  Honestly, after we read this one, and had to order replacement Kindle keyboards (before they stopped making them) we were terrified that it would show up and be pink.

If the Pink Kindle EVER showed up at my house, it would immediately be returned to sender.  Simply because I do not want a visit from the Man in the Yellow Coats.  NOW or EVER.

Everything about this short story is perfect, and just proves how good Stephen King is at making you terrified of everyday objects.  Because no one wants to cause a paradox, that's just not a good thing to do.

4. Mile 81

In this story, we are once more given reason to be afraid of strange cars parked on the side of the road.  Being a Good Samaritan apparently has its dark side, and unfortunately for Doug Clayton his King James Bible won't be able to save him for what awaits him at the broken down wagon at the Mile 81 marker.

How many people will be gone by the time Pete Simmons wakes from his vodka induced nap? How many living things will be around by the time he wakes?

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