Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Book of the Week: Wicked

Okay, so this is two...or is it 3 days late since it is now Tuesday and this usually goes up on Sunday?  Either way, it's up now!  So I didn't slack too much! 

I've been obsessed with all things Wizard of Oz for some time now, and one of my absolute favorite series of the retelling of the story is The Wicked Years series by Gregory Maguire.  

The first book of this series is this week's book of the week!  So without further adieu...this week's book of the week...

Gregory Maguire

I love everything about this story.  The background given for the Wicked Witch of the West, who wasn't really all that wicked at all.  This re-creation of the land of Oz is something that makes me enjoy things by Gregory Maguire.  His writing is absolutely wonderful, and the world creation or rather re-creation from the original Wizard of Oz is stunning. 

The fact that this book has been turned into a Broadway musical, filled with a fantastic soundtrack, does not surprise me in the slightest.  I must say, that I am however, some what relatively new to the Wicked bandwagon, despite my love for all things Wizard of Oz.  I'd only originally stumbled upon the series in late 2012, when I'd finally checked the book out of the library - and ultimately have been given most of the series as gifts from friends.  I might only be missing one of the books, I'm not certain.  

However, I do highly recommend this wonderfully rich re-creation of the Land of Oz.  

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