Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Wish List Wednesday: Released this week

The words on the image above could not be any truer when it comes to me.  I am always reading, always carrying a book with me.  There are always new books coming out that I want to have in either physical or digital copy.  Eventually I will get the books through the library or I will use coveted gift cards for birthdays and holidays to get the books that I desire.  Here are a few new release books that are on my wish list...

COVER.  LOOK AT THAT COVER.  SO PRETTY!  This book by Melissa Marr is newly released on 3/1, and I WILL OWN IT just because the cover is so very pretty.  

AGAIN WITH THE PRETTY COVERS! Yes, they all have pretty covers.  This one is pretty on a mysterious kinda level, and that's why I like it.  The story even sounds really really good.  The setting from Narnia meets the action of Alice in Wonderland so we shall see if the cover isn't the only pretty thing about this story.  Newly released on 3/1

Okay, another pretty cover and a story that chances are will have me running for my tissues.  However, I think for the moment I will just stare at the pretty cover of this book.  Newly released on 3/1. 

What books are on your wish list that came out this week? 

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