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Review: Dreadful Beginnings by Marty Shaw

 Title:  Dreadful Beginnings
Author:  Marty Shaw
Rating: 5/5

Summary:  ~There are things out there. Dark and scary things that will kill you in strange and terrible ways. They live in shadows and feast on blood. They don’t belong in our world, but they’re here. You don’t have to freak out, though, because there’s this guy out there too. He calls himself Doctor Horror and he fights those bad things, but he needs help in his fight against the darkness.

Lucky for him, I’m the right girl for the job.~ (Taken from

Review:  I received a copy of this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review. 
Written in a teenage girl’s POV this story is absolutely wonderful.

One of my favorite set of quotes from this book:
"What's that?"
"the ultimate weapon for killing demons"
"It's a suitcase ."
"Well, yes, it is but it holds the ultimate weapon against killing demons"
Yeah, it actually happens, and yes it is actually a suitcase that is filled with all sorts of interesting things that will help Penelope fight demons. 

The cover of this book completely got my attention, like no joke, it is one of the best covers and so completely fits this story and series.  Dog.  Bone.  Enough said. This book is SHORT, but not super short.  It will have you most definitely begging for more by the time you get to the last page.  This series is bound to do well.
It begins with Penelope Dire, just out of high school, working a crappy telemarketing job, she doesn’t want a boring desk job, and can’t really conform to the “office life style” and thus quits.  However, she really doesn’t know what was waiting for her when she left that desk job and met Dr. Horror.  A spell for prosperity and love kinda goes wrong and releases a rather nasty demon, and Penny must now help Dr. Horror slay it. 

Teenage girl with pink highlights – just the image you want for a demon slayer right?  Oh, and seriously, you’ve got a kick-butt heroine, strange and mysterious Doctor complete with NIFTY suitcase, fantastic writing, the pacing was just perfect, oh yeah, and Penny’s new company car, a HEARSE!  Because that’s just the ride for the demon slayer right?! Come on now? You know you love it.

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  1. Too much fun! Makes me think of the boys' favorite TV show, Dr. Who. And pink highlights? She's gotta be kick-ass.