Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bibliophile Eats: Triple Chocolate Fudge B-Day Cake

So, May 27th was my roommate's birthday and I chose to make her a cake.  She is a chocoholic, so we went with the same cake mix we used for the brownies we made for her on Mother's Day! Huzzah! I mean can you ever go wrong with chocolate? But instead of the cherry vanilla frosting, we went with traditional cream cheese frosting, because well that is epic as well.  This was the most recent baking project between me and little bit, my roommate's 9 year old daughter.

Eggs, four this time to keep it from being too crumbly! Worked like a charm with the second batch of cupcakes and worked fantastically with the cake.  This did two I think they are 8" round cakes.  My favorite silver mixing bowl <3 I love it.

Yum! It's chocolate, how wrong can you go with that?! In this house, not wrong at all!

This shot is kinda dark, but after it cooled and I frosted it, there were a few bits of cakey goodness stuck to the bottom of the cake pan so I scooped those off and broke them apart and used them as additional decoration on the cake.  Made it extra yummy! 

Mmmm...double layer triple chocolate fudge cake with cream cheese frosting for a wonderful birthday surprise!

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