Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Roommate got Me something AWESOME!!

So, I get a phone call on my way home from my roommate, checking to see where on my journey home I am.  I was on the last bus getting ready to come home and she's like "Good, come see me when you get home, I've something for you."  To which I respond, "...Okay..." and tell her I will see her when I get home.

Flash forward about thirty minutes.

I'm home, and after giving the kids the groceries to put away I go in and see my roommate and find out what she's got for me.  Knowing that we don't have the money to replace my Kindle right now, I'm  wondering insanely what it could be.  So, she shows me this envelope that has a very familiar logo on it.  Looking closer I see that it is the logo of Dante's.  To which I SQUEE like a rabid fan girl (which as most of you know I have a tendency to be concerning some things) - and this particular series is one of them. LOVE LOVE LOVE Karen Chance.

My roommate requested some of the freebies from her site, and after emailing Karen and explaining why she was requesting it, had it personalized for me.  It came with two bookmarks, a magnet, a label with Dante's logo on it and Karen's autograph, as well as a little gold signed copy sticker to go on the front of the book.  Picture below, and I seriously am absolutely EPICALLY HAPPY!

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