Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life In General...

UGH! Why do I even bother setting up a schedule, trying to keep a routine? Every time I try, something gets in the way and throws a complete WRENCH in the system and nothing ever gets done.  Well, UGH! Just UGH! The past few days have been nightmarishly devoid of any productive activity, thank you neuropathy.  Between my wrists and various other things I've been absolutely stagnant.  I got up yesterday's release party post, only because I had that one prepared after I'd gotten the images it was just a matter of publishing it at the right time.

Everything else, is still sitting backlogged and waiting to be shoved forward so everything behind it can be moved.  I've still got books 2-4 of the Unbidden Magic series to write for Galley Galore 2.0, and I still have to write reviews for Galley Galore 3.0, as well as get up the initial theme that I was going to get up today.  I also have today's Bibliophile Eats to get up, since I missed last weeks, shame on me.  Either way, I have a lot to do to catch up to where I want to be (and I've made publishers wait long enough to see the reviews over on netgalley, which I've just received 2 new galleys from).  Also, I want to update my blog, personalize it and make it my own rather than just use templates from blogger, not that I have anything against them...I just want my own.

So, I'm going to try and get busy...oh and did I mention I still have cleaning to do *twitch*

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