Sunday, January 31, 2016

January: Book of the Month

It is the end of the month and that means that it is time to reveal my choice for the book of the month! Yeah, I know most try and do this at the beginning of the month...but, since when do I do things like anyone else? I mean, Like everyone else?  You've forgotten a few things about me haven't you? 

Anyway, enough of that!  Time to get back on topic!  This month's book of the month is....

This book...seriously is absolutely FANTASTIC!  Comically so. I mean, Mark Watney was among the first to step foot on Mars...and there is a very, very good chance he'll be the first person to die on Mars.  There will more than likely be, the "Mark Watney Memorial Crater," somewhere near the landing sight where his crew was.  But, ya know, he'll be remembered of course! 

However, it would seem, he isn't quite ready to give up just yet.  Will his resourcefulness be enough to ensure that he won't die before he can get rescued?  

You'll enjoy this comical and enjoyable book about a man's struggle to survive odds that should actually have killed him.  

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