Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What's On My Kindle? Dickens. Charles Dickens.

This week's What's On My Kindle? features books by one of my favorite classical authors, Charles Dickens.  (insert collective groan here).

No, seriously.  Dickens has always been one of my favorites, and I know most of his books are exceptionally long, and excessive on the description, however when he was writing and you were paid by the wrote as much as you possibly could right?

I've several Dickens titles on my Kindle, all of which are free thanks to services like Project Gutenburg.  However, the ones I'm featuring are by far my all time favorite Dickens novels.

1.) Oliver Twist

Who didn't fall in love with Oliver?  Want to see him ultimately find a family?  Who didn't secretly like the Artful Dodger?

This book inspires all sorts of feelings, and ultimately has been labeled a "national institution" by George Orwell,   It is a morality lesson, a social protest, and a detective story all rolled into one package and has turned into several, successful movie ventures.  Most of which are musicals, featuring one of my favorite songs :)

2.) Great Expectations

This is most likely one of Dickens' best novels.  Orphaned Pip is apprenticed to the work of the forge, however he dreams of being a gentleman.  One day, he finds himself in possession of 'great expectations.'

This story includes such magnificent characters aside from dear orphaned Pip.  There is Magwitch - a fearsome convict.  Estella - haughty beauty.  A jilted bride - Miss Havisham, who is greatly embittered.

This is a tale of crime, guilt, revenge and reward.  Does it have a happy ending?

This is also another one of Dickens' stories that has made it onto the silver screen multiple times. 

What is your favorite Dickens' novel?

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