Monday, June 6, 2016

What Is To Come!

Hello loves!  I have missed you greatly! I have been a horrible, terrible slacker and I will in the coming days, weeks, and well, months remedy that!  I have reviews coming out my ears, considering we are in the sixth month of the year and I've not posted a single review for books that I've read this year.  Last year's well, those will eventually weave their way into the fabric of things, but now is the time to start with the reviews for 2016 (shut up, I know I'm running late on things...nothing new there!) . 

Things have been rather busy for me as of late, I think I had enough down time in the month of May to do about ten things for myself.  However, this month is starting off a lot slower than May did, and I am thankful for that.  Just had company for the weekend and that was a blast as always! Now, it is time to get back to business!  

I've lots of things coming, and I promise, I'll be good and not flood your inboxes overly much as I get things going and moving and ultimately ensure that things are caught up where they need to be! 

Coming Attractions

1. Top Ten Tuesday
2. Wishlist Wednesday
3. What's On My Kindle
4. Reviews in abundance
5. Book of the Week
6. Book of the Month
7. Author of the Month
8. Surprises here and there

That's what I'm looking at currently, and will be spending some time today compiling various blog posts for the week and getting them scheduled.  So, check back often.  Subscribe.  Follow.  All that fun stuff.  <3

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