Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review: The Realm of Possibility

Title: The Realm of Possibility
Author: David Levithan
Format: Hardback
Pages: 210
Date(s) Read: Jan 7-8, 2016
Rating: 3


This is a unique collection of twenty selections of prose.  Twenty different voices.  Twenty unique perspectives.  One school. 


Okay, I'm a sucker for poetry.  It is honestly my first love.  I write it...not very good mind, but still.  This book is written in verse, twenty verses to be exact.  Unique perspective of twenty teenagers in one school.  Possibilities are no doubt endless, and the emotion that is crafted within these twenty unique pieces of verse are fantastic.  

The poems within that can be related to.  Some that played with your emotions.  Some that left a lesson behind once you finished reading them.  The perspectives are different, emphasized, and every story has a different perspective.  I could have perhaps given this book a higher rating, however, three seems a much more fitting rating.  It is a book that I enjoyed reading, and would recommend to someone if they were looking for something unique and different.  However, it is not a book that I would ultimately scream it's praises from the rooftops. 

I have four favorite poems from this particular collection and they are in no particular order: 
1. Suburban Myths
2. Gospel
3. Writing
4. The Patron Saint of Stoners

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