Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review: Locked Inside

Title: Locked Inside
Author: Annette Mori
Format: Kindle
Pages: 199
Date(s) Read: April 3-5, 2016
Rating: 4 (up from initial 3)


Belinda is semi-comatose, suffering from what is known as locked-in syndrome.  Carly sees something special in her, and begins spending time with her.  An unusual bond is formed.  Can Carly pull Belinda from her own emotional prison?  Will Belinda's fears keep their relationship from developing into something deeper, something more?


Thank you Annette Mori for a copy of this book.  It was a surprise and a blessing rolled into one when I was the one chosen in the giveaway.

Yet, for some reason, I was nervous about reading this a member of the LGBT community, and this being my first piece of lesbian fiction...I wasn't sure what to expect.  I wasn't sure what was behind the cover.  However, the uncertainty faded as I started reading, and I was pulled into the story of Belinda and Carly.

Locked-in syndrome is not something nice, not something that we can fully understand, but we know it exists.  The fact that Carly was willing to take a chance on Belinda was something that made me hopeful.  After a six-year coma, Belinda surfaces, however her body at this point is nothing more than a shell.  Locked inside herself, she can only communicate by blinking her eyes.  It was Carly that began noticing the change, as she spent her lunch hours reading to Belinda.  

Eventually, Belinda's recovery begins and Carly is by her side every step of the way.  Yes, this story made me cry at times, but then again what story like this wouldn't move you to tears at least once.  I am very thankful to have read this book, and I will definitely be looking for more of Ms. Mori's work in the future.

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  1. Thanks so much for the positive review. I genuinely appreciate everyone who takes the time to review books!