Sunday, June 12, 2016

BotW: End of Watch

Good Sunday Morning lovelies!!! Did you miss me? I hope so!  It's Sunday, and we all know what that means!!! Book of the Week! YAY! Beyond that, last week seriously made my week!! Why? Because a couple of hours after I posted my Bibliophile Wish List post....I got an email alert from my local digital hold for End of Watch came in!!! HAPPY DANCE!  I just started reading it this morning (mainly because I have a strict no Stephen King in the dark policy). 

So, guess what this week's book of the week is?! 


Stephen King

LOOK at that cover?! Isn't it so pretty?  Seriously! I love it!  It's creepy and yet not all at the same time!  I'm definitely enjoying this one so far!  

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