Saturday, May 26, 2012

Sexy Saturday: Adult Content Ahead

Disclaimer: Today's topic is going to be of an adult theme.  We are touching on Erotica.  Sex and romance and more sex.  As you all know I read lots of things and this is no exception.  So, if talking sex makes you uncomfortable, today's entries and reviews are not for you. You've been warned.

Let's Talk About Sex - Salt-N-Pepa (C) 1991 


Alright! That's today's topic.  Or rather today's topic is erotic literature.  Harlequin novels, things of that nature.  Though, truth be told I really can't stand Harlequin novels (though one of my favorite series is published through their Teen division so I can't complain too much).  "Mommy porn," "smut," "erotica," "romance," and so many other descriptive words can describe literary works with this particular theme.  I mean there are published novels that have soft-core scenes in them, there are novels that have hardcore themes in them.  You can find fetish novels and I'm fairly certain that you can find an erotica novel concerning any little thing that makes your body crave that mindblowing orgasm!

Today's theme will include five reviews, the entire Fifty Shades series as well as two other erotica pieces that I've read recently.  Four of these reviews are examples of good erotica the fifth one, not so much.  It was horrid and painful, and truth be told I've heard better in some old '70's porn they were that bad.

What do you look for when you seek out an erotic novel to tickle your senses? Do you have a favorite author you turn to? A particular theme or do you just reach for any particular erotic story?  Does the cover image of an erotic novel help in your decision to read it?

For me, when I turn to erotica, I want something that is going to spark my imagination - the naughty part of it.  I want something that is going to inspire me to be a bit creative, and I also look for a good story.  Something with character development intertwined with the sex, something with description.  Yes, I have a vivid imagination, but I want to know what the author's imagination has come up with.  Sometimes I do look at the cover art, but honestly, if I can't find some sort of spark in me by reading the first paragraph or so of the story I won't read it just may save it for another time when I want something to merely kill time.

Now, to review erotica, that is a completely different story, because it can be a touch tricky, at least for me it can be.  This is what I look for when I venture into reviewing the erotica that I read:

  1. Is there some form of character development? 
  2. Is there enough description to keep me reading?
  3. Can I move past the cheesy lines to actually enjoy the story? 
  4. Could I picture myself in the lead female's position?
  5. Is there a sense of reality to this story? 
  6. Did it spark my imagination, did it do what it was supposed to? 
  7. Does this book have the potential to be pulled off the shelves at the library? (such as the case of the Fifty Shades series by E.L. James.)
If it meets all of these then I am likely to give it a fairly high rating.  If it falls short of the mark on a few things then I'm likely to give it a rating somewhere in the middle.  If I can't get past the cheesy lines in the story or I can't simply get into it or I end the novel feeling cold, then I'm likely to give it a low rating.  

If I can't find anything to read on my Kindle, or anything decent in physical book I do venture to an erotic literature site online,  Here you can find everything from poetry to multiple part novels that will cater to every little whim of your sexual fancy! 


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