Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bibliophile Eats: Pizza Steaks

Welcome to the newest edition of Bibliophile Eats! Today's feature is going to be Pizza steaks! Now, I can already hear you asking me what exactly they are, and it is quite simple.  They are kind of like a philly cheesesteak, but something a bit different! They are greasy, so be careful when cooking, especially if you are having little ones help you out with the dinner prep.  Some good side option choices for these include french fries, potato chips, or anything else you like as a fitting side for a hot sandwich.  We usually do either chips or fries because it is simple.

Okay, here we have the first pic of needed supplies.  Bag of potato chips (chosen side for tonight).  The steak part of this is the thin sandwich steaks (Steak'ems or something similar).  Provolone cheese.  Chopped onion.  You could also add some chopped red and/or green peppers to this as well.

Second set of ingredients, because they were spread out on the counter and we were cooking while I was snapping pictures.  A jar of any particular variety of pizza sauce (whatever your favorite is we use the Wal-Mart brand because it's tasty and within our budget).  Also, you will need sub rolls (it is NOT recommended to do this on a hot dog bun or on a round sandwich roll, it simply does NOT work right and will be much, much messier).

So, on to the cooking.  In a frying pan (turn the pan on to heat it up) add two sets of the steak (a total of 4 of the thin pieces - 2 paper lined portions) to the warm frying pan.  As they start to brown, flip them, and for a fuller sandwich or bigger rolls add a third set of the steaks to ensure that there is enough meat.  As the meat browns and cooks through, add onion to one corner of the pan to begin frying.  Once all the meat is brown and the onions are cooked to your liking, combine the meat and onion in the center of the frying pan. Add to the meat 2-4 teaspoons of pizza sauce (depending on how saucy you want your sandwich).  Mix the pizza sauce and the meat/onion mixture before settling it once more in the center of the pan in a shape similar to your sub roll.  Tear the slice of provolone in half, place on top of the meat.  Allow the cheese to melt a bit before lifting the whole thing (carefully, don't be afraid to use a spatula and a spoon to ensure that none is left in the pan) from the pan and add it to the roll.  Add chips and or fries to the plate and you are done.

Yummy! Mine didn't have onions in it this time!

Enjoy and see you next week on the next issue of Bibliophile Eats!

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