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Review: Philippa Fisher's Fairy Godsister

Title:  Philippa Fisher’s Fairy Godsister (Philipa Fisher #1)
Author:  Liz Kessler
Rating:  3/5

Summary: Philippa Fisher is just your average eleven-and-a-half-year-old girl. She's a bit shy and not the most popular girl at school. But all that changes one day when a new girl named Daisy arrives at school and reluctantly confesses that she is Philippa's very own fairy godsister.
Unfortunately for Philippa, Daisy is a fairy who is not too fond of humans, and so she is not pleased about having to help Philippa. In fact, she wants nothing more than to grant Philippa her three wishes quickly so that she can move on to a new assignment.
However, things are not that simple. Philippa and Daisy just cannot seem to get along, and Philippa's wishes keep making her life worse rather that better. Will Philippa and Daisy be able to come together to solve the mess they have created before it is too late?  (Taken from

Review:  A couple of things irked me about this book, but not so much to put me off reading it or recommending it if the need arose.  The title comes from one line in the book, and it is the only time any reference to it is made, otherwise it is the standard cookie-cutter reference of “fairy godmother” when speaking of Daisy (our Fairy God-mother or –sister).  Daisy is only referenced as a fairy godsister simply because of her closeness in age to eleven year old Phillipa Fisher, daughter of scatterbrained, artsy parents. 

The story is cute, but tends to rely a bit too much on message, and cramming as many life lessons as possible into the book.  This, unfortunately reduces the plot to little more than a checklist of things that need to be done.  It is not a book that I probably would have remembered if I’d read as a kid, even now, having read it 4 months ago, some of the details are sketchy at best.  If there had not been the reduction into the former formalities of “fairy godmotherdom” and it had remained light-hearted and stayed in the realm of “fairy godsisterdom” it would have been much, much more entertaining and would have left me with a more lasting impression.

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