Friday, May 25, 2012

Fantasy Friday - Faeries

Happy Friday to you all! Today has been a decent enough day, however my desktop is giving me fits and choosing not to boot properly, so at this precise moment and probably for most of the weekend I will be working on my netbook (and thanking God that I bought it nearly 2 years ago with my income tax return).  As you can tell by this post's title, it is Fantasy Friday, and today's theme is faeries.

Every little girl for the most part loves faeries and faerie tales, some of us never grow out of that adoration for them both and I am one of them  I've always loved stories that involve faeries and other mythical creatures.  Also, what little girl didn't wish they had a fairy godmother after watching the various versions of Cinderella that have been told over the years, and hell, Sleeping Beauty had three faeries to watch over her - come on now? She could have given me one.  Today's reviews are the three books in Liz Kessler's Phillipa Fisher series, and they are absolutely adorable, I loved this series and kinda wish I had a Fairy God-sister and best friend of my own (even though I'm an adult now).

Review: Philippa Fisher's Fairy Godsister by Liz Kessler
Review: Philippa Fisher and the Dream-Maker's Daughter by Liz Kessler
Review: Philippa Fisher and the Fairy's Promise by Liz Kessler

Who is your favorite faerie out of a modern day fantasy story? If you had a faerie godmother (or godsister in the case of Phillipa) what would you do?

I know, it's a short post, but hey I want your input more than I want to ramble at you ;)

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