Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Take Control - Erotica Romance Short Story by Marion Francis

Title: Take Control – Erotica Romance Short Story
Author:  Marion Francis
Rating: 1/5

Summary:  Austin meets Karen.  There is sex.  There is bad dialogue.  That’s all.

Review:  Adult book.  Adult review. Thank goodness this is a free book, or I would be crying at the waste of money spent on this fifteen minute, horrible story.  I actually finished it, but couldn’t find  the effort or the interest to give it anything higher than one star.  The lines in this one are absolutely horrid, prime example is this little gem here:
"Austin, I want to leave now. I want you inside of me melting your hot stick of love between my legs"
and then there is this one here:
"Yes baby release all that warm juice in me now"

This book seriously is nothing more than Kindle smut, and bad smut at that, and very rarely do I stumble across something THIS bad that I couldn’t even take anything pleasurable away from it – aside from the ache in my sides from the laughter at some of those lines.  I recommend this for a  good laugh but not for that surge of pleasure from an erotic story.

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