Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Coveting My Neighbor's Wife by Epic Sex Stories

Title: Coveting My Neighbor’s Wife
Author:  Epic Sex Stories
Rating: 5/5

Summary:  The hot wife needs money to save her husband's life, so enters a Faustian bargain with the horny neighbor: money for unlimited sex-on-demand. But he has no idea how long the sex freak has been denied pleasure, forcing him to step up his game to give her what she so badly needs. Their relationship blossoms, but what will the husband do when he finds out? (Taken from

Review:  Adult book.  Adult review.  This was a free book from the Author on, and if you are looking for a quickie story that has hot sex, a touch of blackmail and starts off with an indecent proposal then this is most definitely for you.  The witty dialogue helped move the story along easily, and the sex scenes had enough detail to keep me interested throughout the story as did the interactions that did not involve sex. Everything eventually falls into place for the couple and they do have a happily ever after spawned by their affair (though not that either of them were in happy places to begin with). 
This was a short book, and thus it is going to be a short review.  I love the sex in this book, the adventures that the couple have in the time that they are together.  It spans about ten months or so and highlights various events that occur during the ten months they were together.

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