Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve at Casa Caedy

It is Christmas Eve and everyone is relaxing and just enjoying themselves. 

Bit is currently playing Wipe Out on the Wii and the puppies are playing and just being themselves.  Everyone is excited to open presents tomorrow.  I have already opened one from my roommate's mom and I am so in love with my new coloring book and cardigan.  No.  Seriously I am in love with it. 

I have been up since 430 am because I had to work this morning.  I got to wear my Grinch shirt and my antlers.  I chose the antlers over the Minnie Mouse hat because antlers.  You can see the pic below.  I also am in love with my little silver tree. 

Alright,  time for more Wipe Out. 

Merry Christmas!!!!

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