Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Madness!

This weekend has been an absolute abundance of chaos!  Hell, the chaos started on Thursday when I fell and bruise my knee - which lead to a call out from work on Friday.  A miserable shift spent in the kitchen on Saturday.  Then today...which has been well...filled with epic amounts of NOTHING productive!  

I currently have 9 people residing in my house.  1 of which will be heading home sometime tomorrow and I will miss her greatly!  Beyond that, 8 people now reside under my roof for the time being.  Including 2 additional children...which makes for a not so quiet environment.  To the point that I've swapped to the good noise cancelling headphones, and volume up louder because needed.

So, I promise, this week's book of the week will be going up tomorrow, because I will after errands are done be cranking up something...probably the Hamilton soundtrack...or something on Spotify and slamming out ALL the things.  Because I need to stop being such a slacker and making the Dr. disappointed in me and the abundance of fuckery that has not been happening on this blog.  

So, current reads are: 


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