Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Update: I'm still alive...I swear.

Where the hell have I been for just over a month? 

Trapped in my own personal hell.  I've been stressed beyond reason and haven't been able to find relief in pretty much anything.  I've not been able to write. I've not had the inspiration to pick up my camera and take pictures.  I've not had the inspiration to do much of anything...including read.  I think I read a whole two books in the month of August, which is why most of the books carried on into September as the TBR for this month. 

Am I fully back into the swing of things? 

This is a tricky question, because I want to say yes, but I also know that most of the issues that I have are not yet fully resolved and I do not have a definitive date as to when said issues will be resolved.  However, I do think that I might be able to slam out a couple of good posts and see if I can actually drag myself kicking and screaming out of this nightmarish funk that I seem to be trapped in! 

When will the new posts start flowing? 

Well, lovelies...what if I told you I'm already gearing up on a few things including some reviews that I need to get done! Shocking I know! These are the things that I am currently getting tossed into the queue to get up in the coming weeks: 

  • Book of the Week for 9/20, 9/27, 10/4
  • Book of the Month for September
  • Month in Review for September
  • Top 10 Tuesday for 9/22, 9/29
  • Wishlist Wednesday for 9/23, 9/30
  • Various reviews (won't know which books til I write em)
I might throw a few more things into the mix as well, but that is yet to be seen and completely dependent upon my whims and wants!  However, I know most of these won't take long to get together because I do them so often!  It's the special stuff that will take a bit longer :D 

So....while I've been gone...what have my lovelies been reading? Inquiring minds and all that! 

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