Sunday, October 9, 2016

BotW: The Fireman by Joe Hill

Welcome to another glorious Sunday!  Fall is slowly easing its way into Florida...and it can gladly take any remaining traces of Hurricane Matthew and shove them out into the middle of the ocean where it can no longer do any damage.  Nope, not a little bitter at all...-shifty eyes- 


On to this week's book of the week, which is actually my current read...and one that I will not be reading around bedtime because well...I don't read Stephen King before bed and subsequently I do not read his son's writings before bed either.  

The newest release by Joe Hill is a work of pure devilish deliciousness.  I am loving each and every dark, twisted moment of it!  Definitely a good book to read for Halloween! 

The Fireman
Joe Hill

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