Friday, September 27, 2013

What's On My Kindle? New Acquisitions Part 2

Welcome to the twelth installment of What's On My Kindle?
What exactly is What's On My Kindle?  This is my own little thing that I am going to be getting out every Sunday.  Within this post I'll list a few of the books that are currently on my TBR list on my Kindle.  Some are freebies (or were when I bought them), and others I paid for with gift cards, or had a few spare bucks to spend on a book.
All of them, I fully intend on getting to, at some point (and taking a massive chisel to my to-read list and hopefully hack it down to under 1000, again).

The newest book published by Michael Cargill, I have in both e-book format and in physical format.  Cargill is a fantastic author, and his blog is fantastic to read.  This British author is by far one of my favorites and I was lucky to receive a free copy of this book in paperback.  Currently he has the book available for free download on Smashwords.  You can find the coupon code on his current blog post.  I highly recommend this read, as well as anything else on his list that you can find! 

A Kindle freebie that is now waiting patiently on my Kindle to be read.  This will be the first Boshoff that I've read, so there will definitely be a review to follow once I finally get to it, and get it sorted to where it belongs.  

This new young adult dystopian novel by Scott Cramer is one that caught my attention, mainly by the cover.  It was a Kindle Freebie, and I am looking forward to reading it.  YA is one of my favorite genres to read and I am also a sucker for good dystopian novel.  This is also the first book in The Toucan Trilogy, so hopefully it will be a series that I will want to sink my teeth into and not let go. 

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