Monday, July 15, 2013

Quickie Update

Good evening lovelies!

It has been an active day for me, at least in adding thing to my review pile! Seriously!

I've got seven books that I will be reviewing from some awesome Indie authors!

These authors and books are, with pending review dates (as RL can tend to be a royal pain in the butt!):

T.R. Stoddard

  1. Finding Sanity - Review coming 7/19
  2. Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Review coming 7/22
  3. Delightfully Departed - Review coming 7/25
  4. Dark Hearts - Review coming 7/31
  1. Ripple - Review pending 8/5
  1. One Night With You - Review pending 8/10
  2. Rial - Review pending 8/12
  1. In a Wolf's Eyes - Review pending 8/17
  2. Catch a Wolf - Review pending 8/20

Definitely looking forward to delving into these awesome books by these fantastic Indie authors! 

I highly recommend checking them out.  They are fantastic people!

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