Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to October!

As you can see, things have taken on the Halloween spirit around here. I love October, I love the fall and hopefully through the coming days I will be able to get more content to you.  I know I've a lot of things in the wings, and a lot of things planned.  I know you are all expecting a review for some of the books I've read recently, especially Falling Immortality by Robert Downs, but you'll have to wait until November 1st for that to happen because I've got the first day of that blog tour! There will be a review, an interview, and a guest post going up for that!

However, for October, I've got lots of things planned for all you wonderful kiddies out there! Some Bibliophile Eats will have some Halloween featured goodies, as well as the introduction of some of my fall favorites throughout the rest of the season.

Also, I plan on getting to some of those long awaited reviews (my pending review list just keeps growing and growing and I need to make a dent in it).  I've also got a new book on my shelves that I won from a giveaway over on Natasha McNeely's blog not too long ago.  I need to get to that (I've started reading my signed copy of Trinity by Clare Davidson), and I've also been re-reading Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.  I also need to rewrite a couple of reviews and repost them to Goodreads because apparently I'm not allowed to use similar wording to other reviewers in my reviews without someone reporting them and having them removed.

I've also got another guest post to put up from Voluspa Co-Author Ray, and it's gonna be a fun one.  Beyond that, I've got a few reviews that I need to get finished and tossed up to the blog, so I will definitely be stepping things up here because I've been lazy lately.

Also, I've been working on a blog that focuses on my spiritual journey, and you can find it here: Sanctuary for My Soul and I'm working on that as I work on this.  Just starting it, so there is still a lot to work with.

That's just an update and some of the things you can look forward to in the coming days this month in October.

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