Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Treat: Blog Take Over: Casey Holden - Picking Up Women

In honor of the Falling Immortality Blog Tour starting tomorrow, November 1st, and the first stop being here at Confessions of a Bibliophile, I am sharing with you the second guest post that I'd requested from Robert Downs.  Robert won't be taking over the blog until tomorrow, but today's treat for you is from my new favorite P.I, Casey Holden.

So, here is Casey's advice to picking up women...

Picking up women isn’t as hard as women, or the tabloids would have you believe. I stopped reading the rags years ago after an individual, whom I’m not willing to name, was belittled for what must have been the twentieth time. Since women always seem to have the upper hand, I decided to assert some authority over these beautiful, exotic creatures by turning them to Play-
Doh with the right smile or wink. In order to do it successfully, it has to be about them, not you.

Listening isn’t just some mysterious, three-syllable word that has made its way into our vernacular through sheer will. No, it must be permanently ingrained in the male psyche for you to have a chance on the field of battle. And believe me, it will be a battle. I’ve stuck my head in the trenches, I’ve fired my guns at the enemy, and I’ve covered miles and miles of the blood-
soaked earth with no more than my smile and wits to save me. I’ll say this again because it’s worth repeating: it can’t be about you, it has to be about them. Women can smell the scent of a weak man a half-mile away, and your strength becomes your true power over them. This goes back to the days of the caveman, and it hasn’t changed over the course of thousands of years.

It’s not about being a nice guy, or a jerk, a good man, or a prick, or tall, or short, or any of the countless other adjectives used to describe men from the moment we exit the womb: it’s about your ability to retain and project power. Any woman who would say she prefers some drooling, slobbering weakling over a man is either a liar, or simply not worth pursuing. I’ve met women
who prefer puppets, and I’ve run as hard and as fast as I could in the opposite direction, because in the end, it doesn’t do either of you any good. It’s simply a disruption of the universe, and Darwin needs to strike before it’s too late.

Casey Holden is the main character of Falling Immortality: Casey Holden, Private Investigator.
The first in a series of mysteries that compile some of his more interesting cases and endeavors.
Robert Downs is the author of said novel, and while he and Casey have an interesting, yet
complicated relationship, it’s a relationship both of them treasure. A sample chapter of his
MANfiction mystery debut, as well as other interesting information about the author, or his main
character, can be located at his website.

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