Thursday, October 25, 2012

October is Nearly Over

I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, nor can I believe that Halloween is only six days away.  Scary thought.  As you all know, I've several things planned for the next few days, including a stop on the Falling Immortality Blog Tour that starts here on November 1st.  Yes, I've some exciting things going up for you that day.  However, between now and then I've got three awesome books to review, one of which I've re-read, the other two are brand spanking new and I truly enjoyed them.

The books that I've recently read are:

Trinity I won in a giveaway, Wicked I own and adore, Slopjar was provided to me free from the Author and  Lioness Publishing.  I highly recommend all of them, and my reviews will be coming this weekend rest assured. 

Also, I've currently started rereading Memoirs of a Geisha, love that book and the movie is fantastic as well. I've several other books that I will be re-reading throughout the next couple of weeks (though my time in November will be focused on other things).  

Yes, with the close of October, I am gearing up for National Novel Writing Month and getting things ready for that and HOPEFULLY I will actually finish this year.  Will be doing it via google docs as I will be using other people's computers (unless one magically falls in my lap) and writing freehand (will be buying stock in a spiral notebook company after this).  

I will be attempting to redo the first book in the series I have planned, as I've lost the entirety of it when my desktop crashed.  Book 2 I have, but will need to be reworked because since I've sat down and started doing some planning, has taken a different turn and become more of a YA Fantasty/Steampunk novel.  So, it shall be a challenge, and I will still try and keep all you wonderful people updated with things and try and get a review or three up throughout the month as part of my down time! 


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