Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fear Filled Reads

It is that time of year, Happy Halloween.

This is the time of year that I tend to read more horror, thrillers and scary stories.  What are some of your favorite scary books?  Here are some of mine...

Griffin Hayes has managed to suck me in to his twisted, delightful world.  He has easily become one of my favorite authors, and I love turning to him any time of the year, but especially this time of year.  Malice is by far one of my favorite Griffin Hayes books, and I highly recommend them and encourage you to check him out.

My review of Malice is here.

Stephen King is the spinner of many tales that craft the twisted landscape of my nightmares. The Shining is by far one of those books that gets under your skin, at least it gets under mine and I love books like that, I really, really do.  If I had some extra money, or if it was readily available at my library I would be reading Doctor Sleep, the second book in the Shining Series this Halloween.  It is one that I will definitely be adding to my collection because I'm by far a huge fan of Stephen King.

This book by Todd Russell absolutely is not a book to read in the dark.  It will definitely get under your skin and make you fear things in the dark.  I only read this in daylight hours because it got under my skin that much, and I loved each and every moment of this book.  It was fantastic! I highly recommend it, and it is still free on Smashwords if I remember correctly!

My review of Fresh Flesh can be found here.

There are several other books that I won't read in the dark, and I love them dearly.  I tend to read to them especially around this time of year, among other times when I want the spine tingling thrill that they bring.

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