Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bibliophile's Wish List: 10.27.13

Lots of stuff is coming out this week! Gotta see how many will make it on to my bookshelf, physical or otherwise.

A Very Klingon Khristmas is the perfect book for any Trekkie this year! This Norman Rockwell-inspired picture book, which releases Tuesday, Oct 29th.  It recounts, in rhyming verse the the treasured children's story of the birth of revered warrior Kahless and celebrates the rich Klingon Christmas traditions originating on Qo'noS and spreading across the Star Trek universe.

Nefertiti in the Flak Tower is a book of poetry by Clive James.  I have not had the privilege of reading some of his poetry.  However, just reading about this book has me curious about his writing and I will definitely have to delve into his writing.  There are, in this book, moving elegies, a meditation on the later Yeats, a Hollywood Iliad, odes to rare orchids, wartime typewriters and sharks – as well as a poem on the fate of Queen Nefertiti in Nazi Germany.  Curious yet?

S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst is something that will eventually grace my bookshelves, because I adore the things that J.J. Abrams has put out - from the new Star Trek movies to series like Lost and Alias.   Here is the blurb from Goodreads on this one.

One book. Two readers. A world of mystery, menace, and desire.
A young woman picks up a book left behind by a stranger. Inside it are his margin notes, which reveal a reader entranced by the story and by its mysterious author. She responds with notes of her own, leaving the book for the stranger, and so begins an unlikely conversation that plunges them both into the unknown.
The book: Ship of Theseus, the final novel by a prolific but enigmatic writer named V.M. Straka, in which a man with no past is shanghaied onto a strange ship with a monstrous crew and launched onto a disorienting and perilous journey.
The writer: Straka, the incendiary and secretive subject of one of the world’s greatest mysteries, a revolutionary about whom the world knows nothing apart from the words he wrote and the rumors that swirl around him.
The readers: Jennifer and Eric, a college senior and a disgraced grad student, both facing crucial decisions about who they are, who they might become, and how much they’re willing to trust another person with their passions, hurts, and fears.

The Shadowhunter's Codex is a supplemental to the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. This is an illustrated guide to all things Shadowhunter.  This is the manual given to the Shadowhunters, allows them to brush up on the demon languages, use proper stele use, and discover just what a pyxis is.

<a href="" title="Dead Set by orchid_rose_18, on Flickr"><img src="" width="316" height="475" alt="Dead Set"></a>

Dead Set by Richard Kadrey, is a young adult urban fantasy/paranormal that is heartwarming and will no doubt keep you enraptured until the very end.

After her father’s funeral, Zoe and her mother moved to the Big City to start over. But life’s not so easy, the money is tight, and a new school brings trials. Fortunately, she has an escape: her dreams. A world of freedom and solace removed from the loneliness and anxieties of real life, Zoe's dreamscape offers another, more precious, gift: It is the only place where she can spend time with her closest companion — her lost brother Valentine.
Yet something is very wrong. An unfamliar — and univited — presence has entered her private realm to threaten Zoe and Valentine, a disturbing turn of events that is compounded by an impossible discovery. A chance encounter at a used record store where the grooves of the vinyl discs hold not music, but lost souls, has opened up a portal to the world of the restless dead. Now, the shop’s strange proprietor is offering Zoe the chance to commune with the father whose passing took a piece of her heart. The price? A lock of hair. Then a tooth. Then...
How far into this eerie world will Zoe go to discover what she truly needs? And once she does, will there be enough left of her to come back?

Cabinet of Curiosities: My Notebooks, Collections, and Other Obsessions by Guillermo del Toro.  I LOVE Guillermo del Toro and cannot wait to add this book to my bookshelves.  Seriously! This book is a visual treasure trove for any del Toro fan.  With pages from his actual journals, notes on Hellboy, Chronos, Pan's Labyrinth and even 2013's Pacific Rim.   All in all, this will be a fantastic inclusion into any fan's bookshelf.

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