Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Review: The Weavemaker by Paul Wigmore

"Or what, you're gonna tickle me with your little tickle machine again? Oh please don't do hurts my sides to laugh so much." -Saul, The Weavemaker

I recieved an ARC of "The Weavemaker" by Paul Wigmore, in exchange for an honest review.  

I have been among those desperately awaiting this book, and when Paul started posting teasers on Facebook, I was more than completely hooked and anxiously awaiting the release of this book.  Or apparently an advanced reader copy, placed in my hot little hands! You can find links to pre-order "The Weavemaker", which releases THIS SATURDAY 10/31, and to purchase "The Tapestry" at the end of this post, and I HIGHLY recommend that you do get your hands on both of them! 

I've diverged from my usual format of writing reviews, simply because I'm still struggling to find the words to express my love for this whirlwind nightmarish novel.  This book has provided me with the reasons I absolutely love reading the horror/thriller genre.  For those who have read Wigmore's first publication, "The Tapestry," you will not be disappointed with the return to this particular universe.  No, you won't be disappointed at all. 

There are moments in this book that have had me laughing out loud, and many that have once more reminded me why I do not read this particular genre once the sun has gone down and the moon has risen into the sky.  Some books are best left for daylight reads only, and this definitely fits the bill.  

This story takes place where "The Tapestry" left off, bringing us right back into the action as Saul attempts to heal himself and fully regain his power and ultimately take control of the between. This book, much like "The Tapestry," is not for the faint of heart or those who cannot handle a bit of gore in their horror stories.  

I think one of my favorite relationships and interactions in this book is that of Seb, Sophia and Clara.  The three of them interacting together, as well as with the rest of the universe is something that I absolutely adore.  Sophia, Seb's daughter and his princess, is smart and absolutely spot on to help through the chaos that her world has become.  

When Sprite comes into the picture, I can't help but laugh a bit at him and his interaction with Seb, Clara, and Sophia.  Sprite dresses as he's perceived, and is quite snarky but in a polite, matter of fact way at least in my opinion. 

Saul...well, how do you describe Saul.  Pardon my language, but the best way to describe Saul is this. A twisted fuck.  Then again, what does one expect from a demon hell bent on controlling the between and getting a hold of the Tapestry?  Nothing short of absolute mass chaos and murder.  The things that Saul can make a person want to do.  That he brings out in others will send chills down your spine. 

Many of the fantasy novels I've read have used vastly different creation techniques, however, I have found my favorite creation device in Wigmore's stories.  The tapestry is a unique world creation device, and the fact that it allows for so much more to be added into the story is all the more a delightful device to use.  The way that the threads align to create each and every person, good or bad - the relationships that spark among the living threads of the tapestry.  It is enough to make one truly wonder if our world is a Tapestry. 

Once again, I am left singing Paul Wigmore's praises.  He has crafted a novel that has floored me and once again left me thankful that Saul is safely contained within the pages of the novels and not roaming the real world.  

Thank you again Paul for allowing me to be among the first to read this fantastic story and I very much look forward to reading more of your work. 

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