Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review: Saving Halloween by Lisa Ard

Title: Saving Halloween
Author: Lisa Ard
Format: E-book (Kindle)
Read: Dec 29-30, 2012
Rating: 3/5
Recommend: For 3rd Grade and Up.

Summary: When book-smart Anne Parson meets Halloween Spavento, she sees exactly what she wants to see -- a friend. Halloween waves away trouble, magically silences school bullies and offers Anne unfailing friendship. But, when the Spavento family's enchanting exploits are exposed, will Anne face her fears and save Halloween?

Review: I had received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.  Anne's parents had high expectations from her. They ensured that she did well in school, but weren't the kind of parents who would spend a lot of time with her. She didn't have friends, and in fact she was a target for bullies, that is until Halloween Spavento and her family. The townsfolk like the Spaventos despite their eccentric hobbies, well everyone except the bullies. Anne does end up becoming good friends with Halloween, and the strange traditions (talking to deceased relatives) don't bother her.

However, thanks to Mrs. Spavento, who overhears the bullies talking in a shop, saying that they “hate Halloween,” and she thinks that they mean the holiday, not her daughter, they will be planning and hosting the best Halloween party the town has ever seen!

I did like this middle grade story, and I do like how Ms. Ard tells her story, however I did find this book a little lacking and I can't entirely put my finger on just why that is. But, it is a good read for a young advanced reader, and definitely as a good balance of spooky and not spooky. Definitely a good book to read around Halloween.   

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