Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hello to New and Old Faces! Some Important Information Ahead

To all the new followers, thank you, thank you and thank you a hundred times over and I am quite pleased that you've found my slice of literary heaven.  Some things in the works, I will be revamping my review policy, as well as further detailing a few things to stream line the process.  I will be attempting to get back into posting a blog schedule, and now that I am once more the proud owner of a Kindle (THANK THE GODS) I will have lots more books to read and review (including some from the 1300 in the archives of my amazon account that I've not yet touched). 

I will also be perhaps sharing with you some of my writing, though that might go to a separate blog in and of itself.  Beyond that, I've also got computer access again at home (for more than a handful of hours early in the morning on weekends) so I can post things more regularly. 

Also, if you like my reviews, and the content that I provide, I would highly recommend sharing me with your friends, finding me on Goodreads and ultimately following my reviews and things here.  I do post my reviews on goodreads as well, and I will be once more refreshing my smashwords account and posting things there (mainly because I have books that I need to grab there and redownload on my Kindle). 

If you are an author and following me here on my little piece of heaven, and would like me to review your book I am more than willing.  Digital copies are accepted (mobi/kindle format preferred above all others) and print copies as well.  If you send me a copy of your book (digitally or otherwise) allow me minimum of three (3) weeks to have time to read and formulate an opinion on your book to provide you with a proper review and not allow you to feel slighted. 

I will in the coming weeks be catching up on my backlog of reviews (and trust me when I say that there is a backlog!).  Those ultimately come first, and then I will be moving on to some of the newer material that I have received.  But, worry not, I will not allow your book to be lost in the shuffle like some have in the past.  I do apologize if you happen to be one of those authors (it was so very not intentional). 

Also, if you aren't an author, but you have an awesome book that you want to recommend to me, and it is available for lending via Kindle, you can of course always lend it to me and I will have it read and reviewed within the two (2) week grace period that is allowed for Kindle lending. 

Any other comments, questions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to email me and let me know.  Also, if you are looking for Beta readers, decidedly more than willing!

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