Sunday, December 9, 2012

Review: Year of the Cat by Carroll Bryant

Title: Year of the Cat
Author: Carroll Bryant
Format: e-book (Kindle edition)
Read: Dec 9 - DNF
Rating: 1/5
Recommend: No

Summary: Lancaster Parks, an American Detective is sent to a tourist city in Mexico.  What exactly he's investigating is a string of deaths of male tourists over the past years.  The case he's on currently has 16 unsolved murders, all the victims American males and murdered between Spring Break and Memorial Day Weekend (the city's two biggest tourist times).  Oh, and there is this mysterious woman too.

Review: I am so usually not one to give into hype, drama or let other people's reviews color my opinion of a book.  So, up on receiving this book as a gift (which I usually do not turn down, but in this case I probably should have).

I could not even finish it, I have no desire to finish it.  Nor do I think any amount of money could make me finish this book. This author reminds me of Vizzini in <i>The Princess Bride</i> with his use of words improperly.

The on that made me giggle, seriously, was apparently the main character was going to spend "the next ions" of his life in the city he was transferred to in Mexico.  Dear Author, you are aware that the word that you should have used in that sentence was EONS.

Ions do not measure time.  Ions are an electrically charged atom, and is a term used in physics or chemistry.

Eons measure time.  They measure an indefinite amount of time.

So, your character would not be spending electrically charged atoms in a place, instead he would be spending eons (an indefinite amount of time) in the city in Mexico.

Then, there is this mystery woman.  I don't get entirely where she comes from (maybe I would if I finished the book) but to have her simply show up in this one mini flash back toward the beginning of the book is kind of disjointed and really doesn't make things flow nice and neatly in my opinion.

Anyway, that is my two cents and I bid you all a good day and happy reading.  Please do not bring your hate, drama and various other trivial things to my page.  I've now read the drama and the whirlwind of a shit storm that this book and the author has produced.  I do not want any part of it, and you will not hesitate to find yourself blocked, banned, or reported for bringing the drama here.


  1. I notice that the only part of my book you reviewed is all the stuff one can find in the "free sample" offered by Amazon.

    Maybe this is the reason you couldn't finish the book. Because you don't own it like you claim. You just went where they offer a "free sample" and you reviewed that part.

    If you do "own" it like you claim, maybe you should finish it and enter my contest (offered on my blog) and win a 50.00 gift card from Walmart.

    Oh, and I checked out your friends list, none of your friends would recommend my book because most of your friends are part of the bully crowd and or members of the BBA hate group on Goodreads. They don't read my work.

    You're busted!!! LOL

    Nice try though.

  2. I do own your book, and I could not finish it. Why would I bother to finish a book I could not get through the first few pages and paragraphs? Though, to your credit, I did get further through your book than I did the last book I marked DNF, so you should feel special there.

    As for my friends list, and their recommendations I take them with a grain of salt at times, but othertimes they do seem to be spot on. However, my opinions on books are my own, and are never altered, doctored or manipulated by current drama or whathave you going on anywhere else.

    Believe what you want, and formulate your opinion on me simply by the short review, but if you did notice I mentioned that I could not stomach your book enough to finish it, so I will not be finishing it any time soon. You received the money from the sale that my friend made, and you should be happy for that.

    No, the reason I could not finish the book is because your writing style, and lack of editing made it unbearable to continue past the point that I did get to in the book.

    Nice try to you as well Sir, but if you begin to cause a problem you will find yourself reported without a second thought and any trace of you removed from my blog.

  3. Fine, I'll leave you alone as per your request. Besides, I don't have to defend myself against your fake review here, I already did that on my video blog on Youtube (Example Of A Fake Review ... and ... Example Of A Fake Review Part 2)

    It still would have been nice if you could have said something in your review beyond the "free sample". Even in your comment response.

    Take care.

  4. Great review, Candy! I went to look at the sample after I saw your review and didn't make it very far. Two pages, I think. Too much infodumping and overly simplistic sentence structure/writing. I don't blame you for not being able to finish it.

    And I just HAD to follow you after I saw your review of Code Name Verity too. That book is such a masterpiece! I rarely love books as much as I love that one.