Monday, August 3, 2015

Monday Article Menu: Vol. 2

Welcome to another Monday Article Menu! This week I've got about 4 or so articles to share with you they range from a couple of different topics including horror books, a literary road trip map, and why female authors create better dystopian landscapes than male authors.  I found all of them quite interesting.

1.) 23 Underrated Horror Books

This article came through one of my BuzzFeed Books emails, and I am one for horror books.  Those books that are filed on the shelf labeled "Do NOT Read After Dark," and the ones that so expertly worm their way into your psyche and haunt you days, weeks, months later.  There are some very, very good books on this list, and sad to say I've only read one of them...*hangs head in shame* I will have to remedy that very, very soon.

2.) It's the End of the World as She Knows It

This article posted in the New York Times offers a touch of insight on why the mind of female authors have created better dystopian/post-apocalyptic landscapes than male authors.  This is not necessarily saying that some male authors haven't created stellar landscapes in this genre.  However, women tend to not venture as much into the commonly used male holy trinity of rape, murder, and cannibalism when faced with this single-minded "Eye on the Prize" philosophy in this particular type of genre. I highly recommend giving this novel a read, and feel free to share your opinions about the topic!

3.) The Obsessively Detailed Map Of American Literature's Most Epic Road Trips

This is an article paired with an interactive....yup, I said it...interactive map!  It's awesome!  I highly recommend checking this out and following the various routes from a dozen books that literally span the length of North America at various points in time.  It's cool to see some of these trips visualized, and I will be adding probably all of these books to my TBR pile because I've not read a single one of them. I know, shame on me!

4.) Libraries of the Rich and Famous - Part One

Okay, so I've already mentioned that I adore BookRiot and listen to their podcasts on a regular basis.  Here is another article/photo set that I've stumbled upon and Holy Library Porn Batman! I mean seriously, some of my favorite actors/actresses/musicians sharing a glimpse into their libraries!  I want to seriously know what's on some of their shelves!

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