Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick update..

So, I know I still owe half a dozen and then some reviews.  I know I am not in good standing with a lot of people for reviews and I will try and remedy that situation.  I have a dozen or so that need to go up on smashwords as well as on goodreads and here.  I will be getting to those soon I swear it.  I've finished all the books, I just have to find the extra time to sit down and write them (though most of them I do have at least outlined).

My review outline, as you may have seen in one of my last reviews has changed.  I've added a bit more information about the books that I've been reading, including format.  I will also be adding series, and things of that nature as well.  As always I will be including a book cover image. 

Currently on my plate are:

Innocent Darkness
The Paladin Prophecy
Love and Other Perishable Items
Wylde's Army
Fix By Force
The Sky Inside You
Breath of Air
Jaguar Sun

Those I intend on trying to at least get up before Thanksgiving (though with NaNo and my word count all over the place, I will see what I can get to).

After these I will be getting up the following:
Rose Blossoms at Midnight and Other Dark Tales
Silver Knight
The Moon Dwellers
Francesca of Lost Nation
Call of the Herald
Inherited Danger

Current new books that I've gotten and need reviews as well:
Mental Damnation: Reality

Current books from the library that will be getting reviews:
Legend (Legend #1) by Marie Lu

With the exception of Legend, that should, and I do say SHOULD take care of everything that I have a back log in.  Eventually, I will tackle everything that I have backloged for my Library/Personal/Kindle shelf.  Then it is time to start in on what I am currently reading.  Seriously,  I need to start writing the reviews as soon as I finish the book or while I am reading the book and it will help eliminate this backlog that is creating a bottleneck.

Love you all, and hopefully I will have some reviews flooding your inboxes soon.

Lots of love

OH and I just got a treasure trove of books from the library and have two more on delivery.  I love having a working library card again.

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